from by Isaac Dust

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I tried a little something different with this tune, i.e. laying down some bass, electric guitar and drum tracks first, then doing the acoustic guitar and vocals live over those pre-existing tracks.

I actually recorded a version of this song a few years ago. I had just flown to New Jersey from Mexico to have knee surgery, and I didn’t have access to a guitar. So I wrote and recorded this tune using a keyboard and the GarageBand software on my laptop. This is one of those tunes that just came to me fully formed from out of the blue. I took the photo above moments after that first recording, holding my crutches out in front of me like the prison bars they had become. Having been through four knee injuries and three surgeries, I’m hoping those fuckers don’t come out of the closet again any time soon. Anyway, as with all my creative projects, this song continues to morph as the years unfold. Perhaps next time I’ll just whistle over a beat box…


I woke to the birds and the best of intentions.
I tried every way I knew to express them.
I get on the train and it’s taking me somewhere
Away from myself…
Away from this cell.

But I can’t get away from you.
I lock all the doors but you still break through.

Where did the time go? How did I get home?
When did I get old? Show me the slideshow.
Somebody told me: “It’s all as it should be.”
So I’ll keep on hiding, just so you can find me.

But I can’t get away from you.
I lock every door but you still break through.


from Beautifuller Things, released January 22, 2013
Intro from the ghost of Alan Watts.

Bob D. (in the flesh);
Eric Wallen, Jeff DeWitte, Brian Hall (in spirit).



all rights reserved


Isaac Dust Las Cruces, New Mexico

I’ve been keeping an audio journal of sorts for years now, recording whenever I can find the time and inspiration. Some recordings are unedited song ideas. Others are musical experiments or times when I’m just goofing around. Many are more developed song ideas that may or may not continue to evolve. Hopefully, I’m getting better as I go along. ... more

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