Beautifuller Things

by Isaac Dust

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So I’ve been frantically trying to take advantage of the winter break between semesters to put together a collection of my recordings from the past several years. I’ve gotten lazy as of late, opting to post demos in rough-draft form as soon as I record them, never to return to them again. Given my low-fi sensibilities and crude recording techniques, it might be pointless to shine things up for an “official” release, but there’s something psychologically satisfying about the process of going through everything, culling together the best moments, and making it all the best it can be, whatever the limitations of the source material. I haven’t done this since 2007, when I released "Waiting for the miracle." I feel as if a weight has been lifted, like I’ve cleared the decks for what comes next.


released January 22, 2013

Bob D. (in the flesh);
Eric Wallen, Jeff DeWitte, Brian Hall (in spirit).

Cover photo by Brian Cook of Panda Riot



all rights reserved


Isaac Dust Las Cruces, New Mexico

I’ve been keeping an audio journal of sorts for years now, recording whenever I can find the time and inspiration. Some recordings are unedited song ideas. Others are musical experiments or times when I’m just goofing around. Many are more developed song ideas that may or may not continue to evolve. Hopefully, I’m getting better as I go along. ... more

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Track Name: Weary hearts
Go Beth, go catch your breath
Just slow things down a little bit
One day you’re gonna be okay
Just watch your worries float away
Like whispers on a breeze
Messages on stormy seas
Like memories of a dream
Nothing’s ever what it seems
Rest your weary heart

Wake up, my little sleepy head
You don’t wanna spend all day in bed
Get dressed, take a walk with me
We’ll watch the leaves fall from the trees
Like young hearts into love
A shooting star from high above
A tree onto the ground
And we’ll be there to hear the sound
And rest our weary hearts
Track Name: Beautifuller things
Close your eyes
Think of nothing
Shut your mouth
Tell me something
Lift me up
High as the sun
I’ll never come down

Take your time
Don’t you waste it
Hurry up
Almost taste it
Open up
Wide as the sky
And never shut down

Don’t shut me down
Don’t shut me down
I’m tired
I’ll tear my heart out
Yeah I’ll tear my heart out
Track Name: On the run
Gonna pack up all my things
I’m on the run again come the morning
Gonna cover up my tracks
I’m never looking back come the morning.

Why do I run?
Why do I run?
Why do I run when I’ve only just begun?

The sharpest knife can’t cut you out
In the dead of night your eyes still haunt me
Like a photograph through broken glass
You’re under my bed
Behind the mask.

So why try
when I know
I’ll never get it right?
Why did I go?
I’ve only just begun.

It was never if
but when
I’d come crawling back again one summer morning
Guess I’m never gonna learn
to let that fire burn through the morning.

Why do I run?
Why do I run?
Why do I run when I’ve only just begun?
Track Name: Past life
I stumbled through the parking lot
Looking for my keys
The moon was hiding in the clouds
Got on my hands in knees and then
I asked myself some questions like
Did I believe in God
And if tonight was all the time I had
What would I spend it on
And then the thought suddenly came to me
That you might be awake
And so I dialed your number but
I guess it was too late

I started walking
till I could not feel my legs

I stepped out in the open air
And stood on my two feet
And looked out through my own two eyes
And started down my street
Until I came across a man who said he
Had no place to stay and asked me could I lend a hand before
I headed on my way and I said come and have a drink with me
And tell me of your life and then we drifted in the open air until we saw the light
That shone out from the neon sign and cut through all the clouds that settled down around
The rooftops like a thick and heavy shroud

We started falling
till we were deep in ground

It’s everything
The breath behind these notes I sing
The empty space inside the ring
The sacrifice I’m offering
The irresistibility
It dragged me down like gravity
I dropped down to my hands and knees
And pulled the earth up over me
The difference between now and then
The distance there and back again
Like footprints under breaking waves
A dream that slowly drifts away
The sunlight’s breaking through the clouds
The seeds are sleeping in the ground
Your smile it spun my heart around
And knocked the walls around it down
I wonder where you are tonight
I wonder if you’re sleeping tight
And dreaming of your past life

*Don't let it crush you
Track Name: Holding on
All I wished for has come true
Now I’m waiting, for what, I don’t know
Simple questions leave me paralized
Hell if I know, but maybe…

Put your hand in mine…

Little brother, how I miss you
The things you’d tell me without making a sound
I just want one more glimpse, just one more breakthrough
Right where I left you, holding on…

Put your hand in mine…

Face down in the dirty street
Feel the rhythm of your feet
Ten days since you walked away
I have not missed a beat
Track Name: Seventh time's a charm
I will pack my things
I will hit the road
I will not look back
Then I always look back
I will wait all night
for the words to come
Set them free like tears
Let them go like tears
Take me to the edge
This time I’ll jump right in
I won’t change my mind
for the seventh time
Track Name: Echoes
I see pieces of
All the promises that I used to love
Down the line
I’ll be free
I’ll be fine

I hear echoes of
All those useless words that I let go of
While the fire dies within me
Track Name: Blood red house
Got on my hands and knees
and I begged my disease
Said “Beg you darling, please.
I need some release.
If you let me off the hook this time,
I’ll do anything.”

She said “Take the train to Shepherd Street.
Go to 117.
Knock exactly seven times,
then wait patiently.
In that blood-red house with no windows,
that’s where you’ll find me.”
Track Name: Change
Another tap has been kegged
The question is begged
Wherever you go
they all want to know
A battle of steel
A final appeal
But is it a crime
to step out of time?

Maybe I’ll crack,
but the wind’s at my back
Some things don’t change
when everything changes

Another sun’s on the rise
in the back of my mind
Above I’m awake
but below I am sleeping
I wake up undressed
Guess I’m under arrest
But is it a crime
to take what is mine?

Maybe I’ll crack,
but the wind’s at my back
Some things don’t change
when everything changes
Don’t ever change…

Have you ever been dreaming
you were singing a song
and you wake up to find
you can still hum along?
The words quickly fade
but the melody lingers forever
Yeah, forever

Maybe I’ll crack,
but the wind’s at my back

[Put your hand upon my heart
Do you feel anything?
I don't feel anything at all...]
Track Name: Don't lose your head
Don’t focus on the pain
You’ll only make it worse
You’ll drive yourself insane
If I don’t get there first
You’re standing on the edge
Without a parachute
I’ll see you on the ground
Enjoy the ride
[Don't lose your head]
How many have I loved
How many never knew
I kept it to myself
Then gave it all to you
And now that you are gone
There’s nothing left to lose
So I’m back here on the edge
Here goes nothing
[Don't lose your head]
Track Name: Breakthrough
I woke to the birds and the best of intentions.
I tried every way I knew to express them.
I get on the train and it’s taking me somewhere
Away from myself…
Away from this cell.

But I can’t get away from you.
I lock all the doors but you still break through.

Where did the time go? How did I get home?
When did I get old? Show me the slideshow.
Somebody told me: “It’s all as it should be.”
So I’ll keep on hiding, just so you can find me.

But I can’t get away from you.
I lock every door but you still break through.
Track Name: No regrets
There’s a girl who lived on my block
She wore pigtails and bright purple socks
She could sing before she could talk
She had wings but she’d rather walk

A ghost of a prayer still floats in the air
Keeping me longing from the depths of my despair
I don’t expect a kiss or that you’ll stay the night
or that you wave your hands and make everything alright
I just want you to know when you’re going out that door
I don’t regret a thing
Track Name: Little fingers
When everything is dubious and put to the test
[Little fingers forget, little fingers forget]
Tied up and tedious, and dragged from the bed
[Little fingers forget, little fingers forget]
Surrounded by memories and lingering limbs
[Little fingers forget, little fingers forget]
Wandering, restless, and made of mistakes
[Little fingers forget, little fingers forget]
Heavy and heavenly, this weight on my chest
[Little fingers forget, little fingers forget]
Halfhearted melody, fragmented phrase
[Little fingers forget, little fingers forget]
Battered and Beautiful, like flickering flames
[Little fingers forget, little fingers forget]
Track Name: Godspeed
The question that eats you like cancer
I have the answer
Are you ready to hear it?

Godspeed through all your dreams
You’re such a lonely animal
So spread your seed
Godspeed through all your dreams
You’re crawling back from Mexico
On hands and knees
Godspeed through all your dreams
You’re finally on the radio
But no one’s listening

Clarity came like a storm to my brain
It blew in from the South and blew out of my mouth
in a long string of words never meant to be heard
Only seen in the sky like the Fourth of July
All the red and blue lights like the stars in the night
must all come to fade with the dawn of the day