Waiting for the miracle

by Isaac Dust

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When I released this album in June of 2007, it was far and away the best stuff I had ever recorded in my little bedroom studio. It summed up my three and a half years in Kentucky better than anything I could state in words alone. At the time I wrote: "It’s kinda like the soundtrack to my blog, in a way. I don’t know… I just feel lighter, a bit more free maybe, for having gotten it out of my system."


released June 7, 2007

Bob D. (in the flesh);
Eric Wallen, Jeff DeWitte, Brian Hall (in spirit).



all rights reserved


Isaac Dust Las Cruces, New Mexico

I’ve been keeping an audio journal of sorts for years now, recording whenever I can find the time and inspiration. Some recordings are unedited song ideas. Others are musical experiments or times when I’m just goofing around. Many are more developed song ideas that may or may not continue to evolve. Hopefully, I’m getting better as I go along. ... more

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Track Name: Waiting for the miracle
Close your eyes now
Relax and I might let you loose
You can put your thumb back in your mouth
Once you head is in the noose
It might ease your pain
Release the chemicals in your brain
Make you feel like you're home again
Where you can tell the truth

Make the coffee strong
And the belly full
Pay the rent on time
Waiting for the miracle
Before you leave this place
Without a word and without a trace
You can save your ass or just save face
Track Name: The city
All the colors fading into grey
Pull a string and push it all away
Right beside the Bible on the bed
A blister where you kissed her on the forehead

Tell me, how am I supposed to find The City
I remember I could see the marquee
But all the other streets were foggy
Now, how am I supposed to find The City

Sinking like the tide into the sand
Under what I think I understand
Echoes empty shell under the sun
I wonder was it thunder or a shot-gun
Track Name: New eyes
Hours of darkness
Waiting to be set free
You were waiting there for me

It’s been so long
since I’ve looked at you
with new eyes

Jesus died for our sins
so don’t pay no mind to this trouble we’re in
Jesus died on the cross
so everything gained is meant to be lost
Punch-drunk, fist of a King
A pair of black eyes, for his praises I sing
Brighter than the sun in my eyes
Together we stand in the tide
Track Name: Something somewhere
You sit at the table feeling hollow
I sit outside and watch the grass grow
The coffee's on, the baby's crying

There surely must be something somewhere
but I don't know what and I don't know where
Just point the way and I'll start driving

Hole in the sky
on the fourth of July
Track Name: Excuse me
He got on the bus holding a suitcase
A look of pensiveness on his face
I moved toward the window making a space
He sat next to me and said:

"Excuse me for bleeding all over your shoes"

He needed a bath, all dressed in tatters
Can't put together what's been shattered
He asked for the time, as if it mattered
Rose from his seat and said:

"Excuse me for bleeding all over your shoes"

He left his suitcase there on the seat
I knew it wrong but I took a peek
A little dog wrapped in a bed sheet
Dead as the night is black
Track Name: Dust
I tried to sleep
My soul to keep
But I let it slip away
Now I want
and I need
and I beg you please
Don't leave me on my knees
I'll try again
if you just say when
This time I'll get it right
You're right
You win
So lock me in
and throw away the key

You better suck it down
You better take it in
You better play the game
You're never gonna win
You better give it up
Get on your fucking knees
and take it like man
Take everything you see
and turn it upside-down
Turn it inside-out
Light it up in flames
Burn it to the ground
Turn it into dust
and blow it all away
You better write this down
Do everything I say
Track Name: Weightless
Tell me your secret
How long have you been weightless?
Don't let me keep it
You know I'll only waste it
Don't look away
I'm so afraid that you're not really here
Don't walk away
I'm so afraid that you might disappear
Track Name: Over
It started out as a feeling
A tiny spot on the ceiling
It spread out in every direction
She cried out by nobody listened
It's only begging the question
I'd tell you but I think it's over your head
Above you

She struggles keeping her head up
She can't see be seen through her makeup
She left him still holding a secret
She swore that she never would repeat it
The devil sleeps in the shadows
I'd show you but I think it's over your head
Above you

Don't say you'll stay with me always
I know it can be over