Past life

from by Isaac Dust

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I suppose the trip to San Francisco last weekend put me in a nostalgic mood. Who am I kidding? I’m always in a nostalgic mood! At any rate, having a few days to myself for the Thanksgiving break has afforded me the luxury of fiddling around in the studio for a few hours. Apologies in advance for the numerous copyright violations, as I stole the outro from my buddy Eric, not to mention the video footage, which is from a 2005 My Dear Ella show.


I stumbled through the parking lot
Looking for my keys
The moon was hiding in the clouds
Got on my hands in knees and then
I asked myself some questions like
Did I believe in God
And if tonight was all the time I had
What would I spend it on
And then the thought suddenly came to me
That you might be awake
And so I dialed your number but
I guess it was too late

I started walking
till I could not feel my legs

I stepped out in the open air
And stood on my two feet
And looked out through my own two eyes
And started down my street
Until I came across a man who said he
Had no place to stay and asked me could I lend a hand before
I headed on my way and I said come and have a drink with me
And tell me of your life and then we drifted in the open air until we saw the light
That shone out from the neon sign and cut through all the clouds that settled down around
The rooftops like a thick and heavy shroud

We started falling
till we were deep in ground

It’s everything
The breath behind these notes I sing
The empty space inside the ring
The sacrifice I’m offering
The irresistibility
It dragged me down like gravity
I dropped down to my hands and knees
And pulled the earth up over me
The difference between now and then
The distance there and back again
Like footprints under breaking waves
A dream that slowly drifts away
The sunlight’s breaking through the clouds
The seeds are sleeping in the ground
Your smile it spun my heart around
And knocked the walls around it down
I wonder where you are tonight
I wonder if you’re sleeping tight
And dreaming of your past life

*Don't let it crush you


from Beautifuller Things, released January 22, 2013
*"Don't let it crush you" outro is borrowed from My Dear Ella's "The Majesty"*

Bob D. (in the flesh);
Eric Wallen, Jeff DeWitte, Brian Hall (in spirit).



all rights reserved


Isaac Dust Las Cruces, New Mexico

I’ve been keeping an audio journal of sorts for years now, recording whenever I can find the time and inspiration. Some recordings are unedited song ideas. Others are musical experiments or times when I’m just goofing around. Many are more developed song ideas that may or may not continue to evolve. Hopefully, I’m getting better as I go along. ... more

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